Development Contributions

Everyday, NZ’s population continues to grow. While this brings a number of benefits, it also creates a number of challenger. For example, Councils must somehow fund the additional infrastructure required to service a growing population.

To assist, the Local Government Act (2002) introduced a new funding tool called development contributions (DCs), which enable Councils to recover the costs of growth-related infrastructure directly from property developers. While these have been an important funding tool for many Councils, some have struggled to design, implement and administer an effective DC policy. Accordingly, a number of major disputes have occurred.

After peer reviewing the first ever DC policy (for Papakura District Council in 2003), we have quickly become NZ’s leading experts in this field. In fact, we have completed more than 50 DC projects for a wide range of Council and developer clients, and therefore understand the issues intimately from both perspectives.

Recent Projects
Recent projects include:

  • Designing and implementing DC policies for more than a dozen Councils
  • Securing a $10 million refund for developers following the first ever judicial review of a DC policy
  • Helping negotiate a $80 million private development agreement for a mixed use development in Auckland