2013 Input Output Tables

Input output (IO) tables are highly-detailed matrices that show how the sectors of an economy are interrelated. They form the basis of many analyses, such as economic impact assessments.

In 2017, Statistics New Zealand released its latest national IO table (for 2013), which we used to create a set of corresponding regional tables. These replace our 2011 versions, which were purchased and used by many organisations across NZ.

Want to know more about our 2013 regional IO tables? Please keep reading, or contact our managing director – Fraser Colegrave – on 021 346 553 or fraser@ieco.co.nz.

How were the regional tables produced?
Our 2013 regional IO tables were derived using the same methodology as our 2011 tables. In short, we undertook extensive reviews of the local and international literature to identify the most accurate and reliable methods for “regionalising” national IO tables. Then, based on our findings, we created a robust and transparent method for converting New Zealand’s national IO table into a corresponding set of regional ones.

Once derived, the regional tables were subjected to detailed cross-checks against publicly available data to ensure accuracy and reliability. The end result is a full set of theoretically-sound and numerically-robust regional IO tables for 2013, which are available now.

How do we know they work?
As noted above, detailed checks were completed during the regionalisation process, which confirmed that all tables were accurate and reliable. For example, the following graph compares our estimates of regional GDP against the official data from Statistics New Zealand.

IO Regression Output

Clearly, the estimated values fit the data well. Indeed, the tables have very high levels of accuracy across all industries and regions.

What do the tables contain?
The tables are contained in easy-to-use Excel files, which include the following:

  • Inter-industry transactions;
  • Total requirements (direct & indirect);
  • Output multipliers;
  • Value added multipliers;
  • Employment multipliers;
  • Income multipliers; and
  • Industry groupings.

Which regions do the tables cover?
We publish one table for each of the fifteen regional council areas in New Zealand (as shown in the map below). In addition, we can now also create custom tables for whatever geographic area(s) you choose:

Regional Coverage of the IO Tables

How can I buy them and how much do they cost?
Copies of the tables can be purchased directly from us. They are available at two levels of industry detail:

  • 55 industries – which are directly aligned with the NZSIOC classification, and
  • 106 industries – which match those used in the 2013 national IO tables.

The prices per table are as follows (ex GST):

Number of Regions 55-industry 106-industry
1 Region $750 $990
3+ Regions (20% discount) $600 $790
10+ Regions (50% discount) $375 $495

Want to know more?

Please call Fraser on 021 346 553 or email him at fraser@ieco.co.nz